• About Us

    Foras Group is made up of sustainable fuel, energy and waste specialists Foras Fuels Ltd, and waste recovery and processors Glanway Ltd.

    Foras Fuels Ltd

    Is a renewable energy & waste specialist, trader and adviser based in the South East of Ireland. Established in 2012, Foras sets up full sustainable fuel, energy & waste solutions for its Clients and Partners in manufacturing, energy-intensive & recycling industries. Foras currently manages the export of tens of thousands of tonnes of alternative fuels and recyclables from the Irish market for recovery and re-use.

    Glanway Ltd

    Is the processing and production arm of Foras Group with port-side facilities for storage and production of waste-derived alternative fuels at Belview Port in the South East of Ireland. Glanway Ltd provides waste collectors in the South East with an alternative to landfill, as it sources and processes waste to produce alternative fuels & recyclables, which are then exported to its Clients in the recycling and waste-to-energy industry.

  • What We Do

    Foras provides companies with cost effective and sustainable solutions to their fuel, energy and waste needs.


    Our primary focus is on companies in Energy Intensive Resource Hungry Industries such as manufacturing, power generation, etc. We offer these companies solutions to their fuel, energy & waste needs which exceed their environmental, social and economic requirements.

    Waste Solutions

    Deriving value from Waste Streams

    Foras assesses the waste or by-product streams from it's Clients operations and provides cost effective and innovative solutions. For example setting up and managing export of waste streams for treatment or recycling.

    Energy Solutions

    Driving down costs and environmental impacts

    Foras assesses the energy needs of it's Clients and provides solutions which innovatively and cost effectively reduce cost and environmental impact. For example supplying, installing and monitoring sustainable micro-generation capacity on-site.

  • Our Team

    Foras’s team has many years experience setting up & managing multi million euro contracts, organising international supply chains & delivering for Clients. Foras only works with its trusted base of suppliers who are the most experienced, robust & highly competent companies available in the market and through our own dedicated facilities.

    If you are interested in finding sustainable cost effective solutions for your companies fuel, energy or waste needs please do not hesitate to contact us.